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A report of sexual harassment, assault, intimate partner violence or stalking will be taken seriously, promptly investigated and addressed. While respecting the rights of all parties involved, the safety and well-being of the complainant and the campus community are the University’s primary concern. Appropriate action will be taken to discipline an offending party. The University of Saint Joseph maintains an on record sexual misconduct policy, a commitment to investigation, support, and protection of any involved parties, annually published security reports, as well as prevention initiatives.

What To Do After An Assault
What To Do After An Assault (.pdf, 170K)
Your Rights and Reporting Options
Reporting Options (.pdf, 158K)
Your Rights (.pdf, 6K)
Sexual Misconduct Resources
Sexual Misconduct Resources (.pdf, 225K)
Sexual Misconduct Policy
USJ Sexual Misconduct Policy (.pdf, 275K)
Violence Resources Flowchart
Sexual Misconduct Resources Flowchart (.pdf, 333K)
Responsible Employee Checklist
Responsible Employee Checklist (.pdf, 108K)
2016 Sexual Misconduct Survey Report (.pdf, 365K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Reporting Directly to Title IX Coordinator/Deputies: The Title IX coordinator and deputies are responsible for overseeing the prompt investigation and resolution of complaints of sexual misconduct. 

Reports should be made to:

Any report can be made to [email protected]
Title IX Coordinator: Deborah Spencer
860.231.5390 or [email protected]
Title IX Deputy: Paul Lombardo
860.231.5396 or [email protected]
Title IX Deputy: Jackie Piscitelli
860.231.5423 or [email protected]
Title IX Coordinator for The Gengras Center: Paul LoVoi
860.231.5767 or [email protected]